Bremont U2 DLC

Bremont U2 DLC

What a great watch. It seems like I’m going through their entire product line. The U2 shown here is the DLC version. It’s a great simple thin watch reminiscent of a compressor style with internal bi-directional rotating bezel. The movement is cushioned with soft silk pillows (no, probably some sort of polymer) that is better at absorbing shocks than you’ll find in any other “rugged” watch outside of the Supermarine. It was designed to withstand the tremendous G-forces from military jet ejection systems.

The quality as usual, is outstanding. Perhaps my only criticism of the watch is that the laser cut hands has some slight white outlining on the edges and really that is just nitpicking. The crowns are not screw down and the caseback uses screws. This watch is rated for 100m which is ample for a pilot’s watch. I assume this was done to keep the watch relatively thin but still use the Bremont TripTic case construction. It has a snazzy looking knurled anodized aluminum side barrel.


No joke, this was not edited to look like this, it was just how it was captured.


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