Real World Use

Real World Use

Quite an awesome story about Bremont in real world use. This is much better than any pampered celebrity offering their endorsement.


I have a ALT1-Z watch and thought you may be interested in the following –

I recently led the national and international rescue response to the Christchurch earthquake and subsequent NZ rescue mission to Japan. During both missions I spent a significant amount of time working underground and in Japan, managed to get contaminated with radiation from the Fukishima reactor leak. I have attached a couple of web links to verify my info ( and the following I didn’t plan on wearing my watch during either mission (worried about damaging it) but didn’t have a chance to take it off before deploying (both missions rolled in to each other). Despite being worn in aggressive working conditions and being contaminated with radiation, the watch performed fantastically with only a few scratches to the glass and casing. I also wore the watch whilst working with the UN during the 2009 earthquake and tsunami with no problems.

Thanks to all the team for crafting such a fantastic watch!


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