Omega Planet Ocean as a only watch

Omega Planet Ocean as a only watch

The Omega Planet Ocean is one of those watches along with a IWC 3717 Pilot Chronograph that I firmly believe can be your one watch if you were for some horrible reason not allowed to have any other watches. The movement might need to be serviced by someone who is familiar with Co-Axial movements but that is perhaps it’s only weakness and only a problem you’ll run into every half decade.

I sold one about a year ago but I’m glad to have another one back in it’s place.

Some would say the Rolex Submariner is the classic all in one choice. I personally don’t agree. Unless you get one of the ghastly newest Submariners, you end up with possibly the cheapest feeling watch bracelet in the world for any watch that costs over a thousand dollars. Do you really want to live with that for the rest of your life or be relegated to be wearing a NATO strap and looking tacticool 24/7? No. Nobody wants that. The Sub just isn’t versatile enough. The Planet Ocean and the 3717 are great on straps and they both have bracelets that are to die for and impeccably made. The Sub is a great watch but it’s biggest weakness is that it has a ridiculous bracelet and it looks ridiculous on anything other than a bracelet or NATO strap.

A happy family shot.


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