Kobold Watches

Kobold Watches

Here’s what I don’t get about Kobold…

Kobold SMG-1Sure they make some attractive watches but what have they done that’s really innovative? I really like their SMG-1 but their modifications to it have been sort of a failure and they had to discontinue it and refit problematic ones to be sans mods.

They get ETA movements, pop them in a German made case with a custom dial or bezel, charge a crapload for it.

At least Bremont has an actual Swiss atelier where they’re still somehow getting ETA ebauches, putting them together, employing serious big hitters like former Rolex chief techs and putting together innovative cases as well as awesome inspired vintage contemporary looks. That I can see paying a lot for.

I’m not sure I’d pay an $5000 for a Kobold because Tony Soprano wears one. I would rather get the Kazimon who are essentially doing the same thing for a lot less.

And yes,  they need a COO, the recent Comanche launch sounds like a disaster.

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