Tag Heuer vs Omega

Tag Heuer vs Omega

Get an IWC 🙂

It really depends on the watch since Tag and Omega both make great watches. Tag is a bit more bargain value Macy’s special but they have some interesting designs and the newer Grand Carreras are a good looking watch. It seems though that when you compare them side by side, Tag just haven’t that wow factor that a Planet Ocean or Sapphire Sandwhich Speedy can bring when you really start looking at small fine details.

Every time I see speak to someone wearing a Tag,


it’s almost always someone who doesn’t know much about watches and just wanted something a bit more expensive than a Bulova or Movado but couldn’t afford the Rolex. Usually someone just fresh out of college in their early 20s who liked the Tiger endorsement. The Tag demographic I’ve seen is someone in college or early to mid 20s making 40-60k a year just getting their noses wet.

Tags movements are also incredibly boring and the 7750 they use in the Carreras aren’t even top grade from the decorating I saw in a few. They also seem to have a strange quality where they look better in photos than they do in real life. Most Omega watches, especially vintage watches seem to have the opposite effect.

Omegas are usually a bit more connoisseur brand, priced a bit higher but you can get good deals if you shop around. They are honestly a bit better built in terms of final polishing and finishing. A PO just feels extremely solid and well built, it feels like it could last a few generations. It feels more high quality than a modern Submariner (even with their new bracelets) in my opinion. Omega doesn’t have that mall brand feel that Tag seems to have and I can see why some people feel they are even a fashion brand.


Omega is a luxury experience from the moment of shopping around for one and purchasing, Tag is more of a impulse buy when you have some cash that’s burning a hole. It’s a shame really that the Heuer brand has been tainted by TAG.

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